wavvvy club newsletter - may 2021

more vibes on the way this month

Hey what’s up guys!

Hope you’re all good.

We’ve had a crazy month, making more samples, working on our collab packs still - (STILL!) and have been working on expanding our wavvvy library with different pack series. We’ve got a wavvvy piano pack coming, 4 or 5 producer packs in the works as well as some sequels to the popular trippy drums pack. 

We set up our Discord last month which you can join here. There will be collaboration opportunities in the future, competitions, Q and As as well as an easy way to communicate with me and Josh and any other producers or creators on the platform. 

Latest News

New Packs

We’ve finally released precious gems pt 4 which you can check out here

We’ve expanded on the precious gems sound by incorporating more sounds and samples on top of the modulating and filtered synth lines and making the rhythm even more insane and addictive. This pack is in space.

This month we’re also going to be releasing the Wavvvy x Super Symmetry studio collab pack as well as M.E.G Part 4. 

Stay tuned for our townhall where we will be giving away exclusive teases of our upcoming producer collab sample packs. 

Aaand if you haven’t already you can get the “wavvvy sampler” here.

New Podcasts

We’ve got a few really exciting podcasts this month - the first with Grime and Hip Hop producer Swifta Beater - who has produced award winning work with Stormzy, JME, Kano and other Grime and Hip Hop legends. We spoke about how he ended up working on Stormzy’s debut album “Gang Signs and Prayers” as well as the critically acclaimed work on JME’s song “Man Don’t Care”. Swifter is a truly great producer and we sat down and had a great conversation - I think you guys will find it super useful - be sure to keep an eye out for this one! Check out Swifta’s genius page below..


The second really exciting podcast this month is with Manon Grandjean who has quickly made a name for herself as the go to mix engineer in the UK. She just mixed AJ Tracey’s album “Flu Game“ and Fredo’s top ten album “Money Can’t Buy Happiness “. As well as this she has won 2 Brit awards for her mixing and engineering work with rappers Stormzy and Dave even ending up mixing and engineering on the “Wanna Know” Remix featuring Drake. Manon is amazingly talented and I’m super excited to share her stories with you!


New Music production tips and tricks 

We’ve got 4 articles coming this month on music production tips and tricks including..

  • Sample / Loop making in Logic Pro - Benji will break down his sample making process.

  • Using the Waves S1 Imager - Creating a dope stereo image with the S1 imager.

  • Creative Sampling - different methods to sample things and creative ways to utilise samples.

  • Building Chord Progressions - How to build chord progressions and teach yourself piano skills.

Artist Spotlight / New Music 

Rhea Raj is New York based Indian-American singer, actress, songwriter and artist. Rhea is now releasing music as an artist under her own name as well as being a songwriter and producer for herself and others! Me and Rhea have been making music together recently too and also want to get her on the podcast soon to talk about music making, her journey so far and what she’s been working on recently! Check out her youtube and instagram below..

Instagram: @RheaRajj

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/rhearajmusic

Wavvvy Playlist 

We update our Wavvvy Spotify playlist every month so check it out for our favorite releases, artists and songs! Anything missing we should know about? Tell us!!

Submit your music

We’re always looking for new collaborators to work with and love hearing new music. Please feel free to send any music - beats - loops or full songs to wavvvy.inc@gmail.com

This month’s Free Pack

This month's free pack is Precious Gems Part 2 - This is one of our favourite packs we’ve made to date -  Keep an eye out for this later in the week.

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