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new collabs, packs and an NFT drop!

Hey what’s up guys!

We’ve had a busy month arranging our first producer collab packs - and we’re excited about all the dope samples we have coming up! 

We have a bunch of new packs, new content and new projects coming this month including selling our first NFT based sample pack - which is going to be a really exciting new territory in music. 

We’re expanding our drum packs also, and working on follow-ups to our Miscellaneous Electronic Goods (M.E.G.) and Precious Gems sample pack series.

By the way, we’ve just started a Discord so we can all share music, tips and find collaborators.

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Latest News

New Collabs

We sat down with Oscar Scheller and talked with him about his career as a producer, songwriter and artist. Oscar has released 3 of his own studio albums with the latest dropping just last week titled Boys Cry. Oscar is also an accomplished producer who recently worked with Ashnikko on her viral TikTok hit, Stupid. Oscar works across lots of different projects and it will be great to show you guys some of his process! 

You can check out Oscar Sheller’s Genius page here: https://genius.com/artists/Oscar-scheller

This month we will also be sitting down with songwriter, A&R, manager, publisher and all round music boss Janee Bennet - A.K.A. Jin Jin, to talk about her come up and how she became a hugely successful hit songwriter, publisher, record label owner and business person. Jin Jin has her own label called Jinsing that she uses to work with upcoming as well as established producers, writers and artists.

You can also check out Jin Jin’s long list of credits below.

Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jin_Jin_(musician)

Genius: https://genius.com/artists/Jin-jin

New Packs

This month we’re releasing  Miscellaneous Electronic Goods Part 3 as well as Precious Gems part 4 - we’re also starting work on a brand new drum loop breaks pack which is going to have 100 + organic drum samples and loops. 

Check out the new artwork:

As well as this we’re starting work on our first NFT drop. We think this is a super exciting space and we’re looking to dive in this month and put up for auction our first NFT. It could be an exclusive or give access to some kind of lifetime supply of samples. We’re still brainstorming but watch this space! If you’ve got ideas let us know.

Artist Spotlight / New Music 

We’ve updated our wavvvy Spotify playlist that you can follow and check out here. We also want to spotlight new up coming artists that we love. Anything missing we should know about? Tell us!!

Our wavvvy Artist of the month is : Beam

Beam AKA Tyshane Thompson is a dope artist out of the US - born in Jamaica and then raised in Miami, he began music production aged 10 and has had hits as a producer and artist with 21 Savage, G-Eazy, Major Lazer and many more. He’s been releasing some amazing music as an artist and we’re really excited to see what he’s got coming in the future. Key tracks to check out are: “UNDA ARMOR”, “Cactus”, and “Mumbai Power”.


Instagram: @whoisbeam

Music production tips and tricks 

We’ve got 4 new articles this month on music production tips and tricks including:

  • Antares Harmonizer - Using the harmonizer to make dope chord progressions easily.

  • Using the Waves S1 Imager - Creating a dope stereo image with the S1 imager.

  • Making a dope instrument out of your voice - Sampling your voice to make an inspiring instrument.

  • 808s - How I use 808s in Logic Pro X

Submit your music

We’re always looking for new collaborators to work with and love hearing new music. Please feel free to send any music/beats/loops or full songs to wavvvy.inc@gmail.com

This month’s Free Pack

This month’s new free pack is Miscellanous Electronic Goods Part 1 - this is one of the original packs made by Benji and Josh (wavvvy co-founders) - it’s got 32 melodic compositions that you can cut up and sample to bring your beats to life. We recorded these on a variety of vintage synths including a CS-80, Moog Model D and a Mellotron. We hope you love it too! Keep an eye out for this later in the week.

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