The top 5 effects to make more unique beats

My favourite chorus, delays and more

Hey what’s up guys, it’s Benji.

Tomorrow we’re dropping our first ever wavvvy podcast with Johan Lennox, a talented producer, composer and artist in his own right. Super excited to share this!

But today, I wanted to share with you my top 5 favourite plugins that I use to make my beats more unique. I use these plugins on a daily basis and on a range of different sounds and they all help me to put an interesting twist on my music (By the way, we’re not affiliated with any of these companies, these are just my favourites).

If you’ve got plugins you absolutely love, leave a comment on this post and share them with the rest of the club.

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If you prefer to watch - you can see my rundown with examples on Youtube.

1. Tal-Chorus-LX  by TAL Software

The Tal-Chorus-LX is a simple plug-in emulation of the chorus section of a Roland Juno 60. It provides a rich analogue chorus and I utilise it in lots of different ways. 

I’ve used it a lot on acoustic drums to get a trippy psychedelic feel in them. Or I might use it on chords to add an extra texture, warmth or more depth. It has 2 different chorus modes, volume, mix and width controls. 

It’s an extremely versatile chorus plugin and on top of that it is FREE! It’s one of my all time faves and I highly recommend you check it out and try it out on some beats. 

2. Echobode by Sonic Charge

The Echobode plugin is basically a delay plugin with a frequency shifter added into the feedback loop. It has amazing flangers, chorus, ring modulators and filtered echo presets. I always pull this up to get a psychedelic or trippy vibe on a sound.

It’s also great for adding details to drums and percussion. It’s a super versatile effect - great for adding detail and a unique vibe to a track. Sometimes I’ll even run whole drum loops through it to get some really crazy sounds going.

3. Elastique Pitch by zplane

Elastique Pitch is also something I use on a daily basis. I use this to pitch samples or layers that I’m working on to give my loops interesting and weird textures. I’ll use it on vocals - and the formant control and filter is amazing. 

It even has an echo / delay knob that can add even more depth and character to your loops. Whenever I’m working with other producers samples or loops I pull up Elastique Pitch and switch up the key quickly. For me - it’s by far the dopest pitch shifting plugin.

4. Filter Freak by SoundToys

Filter Freak is one of my favourite filters to use to get futuristic and moving textures on my beats. The envelope settings are awesome at adding depth and movement to a bass or melody. It’s also great for adding grit and warm analog resonance on the low end. The preset sweeps in it are super versatile and great for adding pace or rhythm to sounds.

5. Balloon by Pure Magnetik

Balloon has been a recent addition to my plugin collection. It’s a lofi modulator that’s awesome for adding any fine details to a sound. It adds a vintage vibe to any melody or chord sound. It’s really easy to use and the presets are great - it’s definitely a more subtle plugin but I found myself using it a lot on background fx textures, as well as on my melody samples to add a bit more vibe!

Hopefully there were some on this list you hadn’t tried! Let me know what you guys use as well.