Stormzy's producer is working harder than ever

We spoke to Swifta about work rate, being unique and finding your unique musical voice

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well.

This weeks podcast guest is Grime and Hip Hop super producer Swifta Beater - who has produced award winning work with Stormzy, JME, Kano, Bugzy Malone and other Grime and Hip Hop legends.

We spoke about how he ended up working on Stormzy’s debut album “Gang Signs and Prayers” as well as the critically acclaimed work on JME’s song “Man Don’t Care”.

Swifter is a truly fantastic producer and we sat down and had a great conversation - I think you guys will find it super useful Check out Swifta’s genius page and check out the full interview below!

All the best,

Josh and Benji