podcast ep 3 🎙 Calvin Valentine

Calvin has worked with Ryan Beatty, Illa J and more

Hey guys

Benji and Josh from wavvvy here.

Excited to share with you the wavvvy podcast, episode 003 featuring California based music producer Calvin Valentine.

The wavvvy podcast is where we'll chat to our friends and colleagues about the art (and science) of creativity and music production.

This week’s guest is Calvin Valentine, a California based hip-hop producer, multi instrumentalist and artist who’s worked with artists like Ryan Beatty (Boy in Jeans), dope rappers like IDK and even Illa J who Calvin made two projects with (Home, John Yancey). We spoke about everything from different ways to use sampling in your beats, to how Calvin honed his production skills and how he connects with artists. He also talks about how he ended up working with Illa J - the legendary J Dilla’s younger brother. 

Calvin is an amazing producer, a wonderful guy and makes some amazing music. I loved chatting to him and hope you guys enjoy!