New wavvvy video 📹 - making loops with the Mellotron M4000D

Benji explores the latest incarnation of this legendary instrument

Hey, it’s Benji here

Today I wanted to share a video of me breaking down the Mellotron Micro M4000D and making some loops with it.

I’ve been using one to make samples and beats for the last year or so and it’s one of the most versatile synth / samplers I use. Producers, sample makers and artists have been using the Mellotron for years - it’s got a classic feel and is almost like an orchestra (and much more) in a box. 

I also love using it with modern plugins and production techniques to get really dope and futuristic sounds - check out the video:

And if you want to check out some examples of the Mellotron in songs check out the Spotify Wavvvy playlist:

Listen to the playlist

Later this week:

  • Tomorrow - get this month’s free pack Precious Gems pt 2

  • Saturday - I'm going to share a post and video about gain-staging. Getting this right can make a massive difference to your mixes!