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Who's up for a zoom hang?

Hey what’s up guys it’s Benji and Josh. 

We hope everyone is good in these difficult times! 

We wanted to reach out and invite all of our Wavvvy club members to a virtual roundtable discussion, where we can talk music production, get to know our early users and get feedback from you guys on Wavvvy and our packs so far. We want to find out the kinds of things that you look for from a sample library. 

If you’re interested in the roundtable, comment on this email and we’ll let you know the details. We’ll also be giving away some loops from our upcoming packs on the call.

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We aim to help our users to make dope music any time anywhere, whilst building relationships with pack producers that lead to getting placements. 

We also want to incentivise our pack creators to provide their best musical works by using a royalty-fair system. We have a bunch of producers and sample makers we’re currently signing up to release their packs with us, and if you’re a sample maker definitely hop on the call and talk to us - we’d love to hear your music, beats and loops.

Also - if you haven’t joined our Discord server yet, dooooo it.

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