How to get your music heard by the industry

How your favourite producers got their start

Hey what’s up - it’s Benji from wavvvy here! 

This is the first post we’re sending out as part of our brand new ‘wavvvy club’.

The wavvvy club is going to be a home for all our wavvvy users to get access to a huge range of music production related content:

  • tutorials from your favourite producers (don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel)

  • behind the scenes of how your favourite songs came together

  • interviews with producers and songwriters that write and create our favourite songs

As well as this - we’ll be releasing free sample packs on a monthly basis, championing new music we love and ultimately building a community dedicated to the art and science of music production.

So stay tuned - and read our first post on how to get your music heard by the industry.


I always love asking producers and musicians about how they first got into music. It’s always interesting hearing about other peoples stories and helped me get perspective on my own creativity and process. Soon we’ll be introducing more content and behind the scenes footage from upcoming producers and Grammy award winning producers alike.

We’re going to have people breakdown their process and hear about different producers and songwriters come up. Until then here’s three tips that I used when I was trying to get my music heard by the industry and meet creatives and artists willing to collaborate. 

1. Hit up your heroes (and learn about what they’ve done)

It’s easy these days to find out which producers or songwriters wrote specific songs. And it’s always worth finding out who made the records you love. You may be able to get to someone via their management / social media or email. Tell them you’re a fan and that you’d always be down to a collab, or send them some music.

You’d be surprised how many people are open to this if approached correctly. It really only takes 1 person being interested in your music to catch a break! 

2. Search for upcoming talent

Finding and developing with upcoming artists is a meaningful and important way to get your music heard. You could be working with an upcoming rapper or singer super early on and be the one that helps them find a unique sound or perspective on their sound.

Any attention they end up getting is going to rub off on you and you can come up together - just look at Drake and 40, Malay and Frank Ocean, Everybody has to start somewhere and just because somebody is “upcoming” or new doesn’t mean they might not be the next culture changing artist - 1 song can change anything.

Thats why it’s so important to be constantly finding and lifting up artists you relate to and collaborating on your journey together.

3. Collaborating with others producers and musicians

Just like developing with artists - meeting other producers, beat-makers, musicians and songwriters is key to getting your music heard. It also opens you up to other people’s tastes, production styles and skillset. It’s inspiring to see how others work and you can always learn something.

Maybe you have a friend who’s dope at an instrument that you don’t play. Collab with them, find musicians local to you and record them, or meet producers online and send beats back and forth. Collaboration online is getting pretty limitless and making those connections with others musically will provide you with more inspiration.

Don’t be afraid to reach out

I hope that you can find some inspiration in these tips - and please don’t hesitate to let us know other things about music production and the music industry you’d like to learn more about.

We are also always looking out for new sounds and up and coming producers to collaborate with on fresh loop packs. If you want to get some feedback on your music, or are interested in collaborating with us on a sample pack, you can reply to this email.

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