Free pack Friday 💎 Precious Gems pt 2

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Hey guys

Benji and Josh here from wavvvy.

Next week, we’ll be launching episode 001 of the wavvvy podcast. We’re very excited to announce our first guest, Johan Lennox. Johan has a classical background and has worked with some huge names like Kanye West, Travis Scott and more.

But today, as promised we have a free pack for our wavvvy club subscribers. This month’s free pack is precious gems pt 2.

We’ve done three of these because everyone who hears them instantly reacts. They’re unique, musical and 100% wavey.

To get this free pack, go to our site and use the discount code JDXEV88C9LPX. Don’t worry, once you put in the code you won’t need to give us any credit card info.

This code will only be valid for 48hrs, so make sure you move quick. If you missed it, email us and we’ll send it over.

Get precious gems pt 2

Lastly, send us what you make with these! We love hearing from people and in the future we want to showcase up-and-coming producers. The more we link up, the stronger this community gets.

Tomorrow, we’ll drop Benji’s video on gain-staging, so keep an eye out for that.


Benji and Josh